Pacific Rim Bonsai Collection

The pacific Rim Bonsai Collection was opened by the Weyerhaeuser Company in the fall of 1989 in Federal Way, Washington. It is adjacent to the company's Headquarters and is managed by the Rhododendron Species Foundation, which also maintains a rhododendron species collection on the same donated parcel of land.

The largest private bonsai collection on the west coast open to the public, it is one of the most extensive collections in the world.

I have visited this collection several times and have assembled photographs of many of the pieces on display.

The plants are nicely displayed, each in its own cubical.wey2.jpg (25968 bytes)

wey1.jpg (29603 bytes)



101.jpg (32194 bytes)





Plant # 101            Ginkgo biloba

Originated in 1955.

Formal upright style.


102.jpg (31587 bytes)





Plant # 102             Juniuperus chinensis v. sargentii foliage

                        Juniperus occidentalis trunk

Trunk originated 900 and foliage 1970.

Grafted in 1970 onto a 800-1000 year old juniper from the western United States.

Formal upright style.


103.jpg (40974 bytes)





Plant # 103            Juniuperus chinensis v. sargentii foliage

                        Juniuperus chinensis ‘San Jose’ trunk

Trunk originated 1949 and foliage 1981

Grafted to trunk in 1981.

Informal upright style.

  104.jpg (40084 bytes)

Plant # 104            Olea europaea (olive tree)

Originated in 1880.

Formal upright style.

Collected from old olive orchard in Los Angeles area.



  106.jpg (30498 bytes)

Plant # 106            Ulmus parvifolia ‘Catlin’ (Catlin elm)

Originated in 1973.

Grove style.


107.jpg (28456 bytes)

Plant # 107            Juniuperus chinensis v. sargentii

Originated in 1944.

Slanting style.

Shows “jin” (silver dead branch) and “shari” (dead bark on a trunk). Lime sulfur protects the deadwood and bleaches the “jin”.



108.jpg (23524 bytes)108b.jpg (33630 bytes)

Plant # 108            Celtis sinensis (Chinese hackberry)

Originated in 1780.

Informal upright.


  109.jpg (36611 bytes)





Plant # 109            Juniperus rigida

Originated in 1900.

Informal upright style.

Shows “jin” (silver dead branch) and “shari” (dead bark on a trunk). Lime sulfur protects the deadwood and bleaches the “jin”.



110.jpg (23758 bytes)

Plant # 110            Juniperus horizontalis

Originated 1940.

Cascade Style. Two line with one branch as informal and one branch arching below the pot rim.


111.jpg (27641 bytes)




Plant # 111            Quercus suber (Cork oak)

Originated in 1955.

Formal upright style.


112.jpg (26933 bytes)

  Plant # 112            Juniperus occidentalis (Sierra juniper)

Originated 1680.

Informal upright.

Collected in 1975 in Nevada and trained with “shari-kan” (debarked trunk) in front and living trunk in the background.


116.jpg (29402 bytes)

Plant # 116            Pinus thunbergiana (Japanese black pine)

Originated 1590.

Informal upright style.

Collected in the mountains of Japan.


117.jpg (21275 bytes) 

Plant # 117            Juniperus chinensis ‘San Jose’

Designed in 1982.

Style is “saikei”.


118.jpg (27631 bytes)118b.jpg (19498 bytes)




Plant # 118            Larix laricina (Larch)

Originated 1830.

Slanting style.

Collected in Nova Scotia and was originally a layered branch.


120.jpg (32060 bytes)

Plant # 120            Pinus thunbergiana ‘Corticata’

Originated 1950.

Cascade style.



123.jpg (33696 bytes)123b.jpg (34216 bytes)


Plant # 123            Abies lasiocarpa (Alpine fir)

Originated 1945.

Group style of 47 trees created around 1960.


125.jpg (32003 bytes)




Plant # 125            Cedrus atlantica ‘Glauca’ (Blue Atlas cedar)

Originated 1944.

Formal upright style.


127.jpg (22307 bytes)

Plant # 127            Celtis sinensis (Chinese hackberry)

Originated 1950.

Formal upright style.

It is a broom form with “wuko-miki” (hollow trunk).


130b.jpg (23308 bytes)130.jpg (27883 bytes)

Plant # 130            Ulmus parvifolia ‘Catlin’

Originated 1970.

Formal upright style.

Example of “rock-over-rock”  and “broom” styles.


131.jpg (17345 bytes)

Plant # 131            Pinus parviflora (Japanese white pine)

Originated 1715.

Slanting style.


133.jpg (32712 bytes)




Plant # 133            Juniperus chinensis

Originated 1960.

Semi-cascade style since most arching branches are above the pot rim.


135.jpg (27181 bytes)




Plant # 135            Pinus contorta (Shore pine)

Originated 1740.

Informal upright style.


201.jpg (36226 bytes)




Plant # 201            Rhododendron x indicum (Satsuki azalea)

Originated 1620.

Informal upright style.


202.jpg (21771 bytes)202b.jpg (25669 bytes)

Plant # 202            Acer buergeranum (Trident maple)

Originated 1948.

Root-over-rock style.


208.jpg (27594 bytes)


208b.jpg (21437 bytes)


Plant # 208            Liquidambar orientalis (oriental sweet gum)

Originated 1965.

Formal upright style.


209b.jpg (26339 bytes)

Plant # 209            Rhododendron serpyllifolium (Japanese mountain azalea)

Originated 1485.

Multiple trunk style called “korabuki”.


217.jpg (26969 bytes)




Plant # 217            Picea englemannii (Engleman spruce)

Originated 1890.

Informal upright.

Collected in 1978 on Mount Hood, the double trunks represent a”father-son” tree with the larger one being the taller, thin son and the shorter, broader tree being the father.


219.jpg (28936 bytes)




Plant # 219            Chamaecyparis obtusa (Hinoki cypress)

Originated 1975.

Informal upright.




taxdist60.jpg (34573 bytes)taxdist.jpg (31149 bytes)





Taxodium distichum in two different seasons.



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