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Originally I had planned on writing two conifer books, one about the dwarfs and a second about the larger growing ones. The first was self-published five years ago and I have been working on the second one since then. I planned on having a section of the second book devoted to the friends I acquired through the years who have passed away.

As I compiled a list of these friends, who were also my mentors, I realized that such a section would make the book into an unwieldy size. So I decided to devote a complete book to them. Gone But Not Forgotten has become my second conifer book. A third book will be forthcoming in 2017. These three books will be similar in many ways and may be considered a conifer trilogy.

These people were the foundation of the modern world of conifer collecting and knowledge. In many cases they set the standards the rest of us try to follow. I counted them all as my friends and I want the reader to come to know each of them in a personal way. Each story is not just a biography, it is a brief glimpse into that personís life through the relationship I maintained with that person.

Each story is followed by a compilation of many of the conifers that person either discovered or introduced into the gardening world. Just like in my book, Small Conifers For Small Gardens, I have not taken an encyclopedic approach. My conifer books are unique in that they are written to be readable and enjoyed, not something to put on a shelf and referenced from time to time. These stories are special insights into the personalities and behaviors of the individuals who are part of this very special group of people.

These people deserve to be remembered for who they were, not just as names after plant descriptions. Most of them played an important role in the formation and early success of the American Conifer Society as well. All of them would love to be part of the membership today and be able to attend meetings while observing how the interest in conifers had expanded.

This book is forty years in the making. I have remembered many old stories as I worked upon it. The actual writing of the book has been spread over a year and has been an enjoyable trip down memory lane. I do miss these people and if I have any regrets, it is that there were a number of other people who were also active and important during this time period who I did not have the pleasure of knowing. Their stories will be for someone else to write.

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