Our catalog is $3.00 ($5.00 U.S. for Canadian and foreign) refundable on the first order and includes descriptions of the plants we offer. 

Unfortunately we no longer ship into Canada for a number of reasons. We will, however, help Canadians arrange a plant inspection for purchased material that is picked up here at the nursery.

We do not post our catalog on this web site. Our catalog is posted at with one or more pictures of each plant. There is also a downloadable file on that same site.

We desktop publish our mail order catalog yearly. 

We do post information about various offerings in our catalog.

Simply send payment to:

Coenosium Gardens
4412 354th Street East
Eatonville  WA  98328


Our 2009 catalog is available at the present time.

Although printing costs have increased over the past few years, our catalog fee remains unchanged: $3.00 for U.S. addresses and $5.00 for Canadian and other foreign countries.

As always, the catalog credit is applied toward the first order.

The 2008 Coenosium Gardens catalog started mailings in late January, 2008.

We offer variegated cultivars and weeping cultivars. We also have dwarf and standard growing selections. In addition we also offer a comprehensive instructional DVD about propagating conifers and trees by grafting.


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