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Spring, 2014 shipping is over.

The catalog will be updated by July 15 and
orders for fall shipment may be placed after that date.

Fall shipping will be done October 6 and October 13.

This site will be undergoing major renovations and all of the articles, etc. will disappear within the next few weeks. Much of that information is imbedded in my book. I am rewriting this site with newer software since the software used has not been supported for too many years. The site will be devoted to my publishing efforts and the conifer focus will be over at, which will also be renovated in the same time span.


Our 2014 catalog is now online.

Visit our newer, hi-res site with extensive information, pictures, and downloads.


Bob has self published two books. The one listed below, Small Conifers for Small Gardens, is for sale and is available for $25.00 with any plant order. It will be shipped in the box with the plants. When ordered separately it is priced as listed on the ordering page.

The other book is Dianne and is the story of Bob and Dianne and her battle with cancer. It is available for $15.00 with any plant order and will be shipped in the box with the plants. Read more about this book at

Earlier shipment can be arranged via media mail for $3.00 per book as long as the book is ordered with a plant order and the customer indicates that the earlier shipment is preferred.


Coenosium Gardens
4412 354th Street East
Eatonville  WA  98328

Visit our newer, hi-res site with extensive information, pictures, and downloads.

Read what people are saying about Bob's recently published book, Small Conifers for Small Gardens. Bob wrote the text, took all of the photographs, and self published the book.

  1. Fabulous job on the book.  I¡¯ve really enjoyed ¡ˇěC and learned from- it. 
    It is a real service to the industry and a great credit to you.    D.L., Oregon

  2. I wish to order a second copy of your book.  C.G., Iowa

  3. Thank you for writing this book!  Y.B., Wisconsin

  4. I enjoyed your book so much, I would like to buy two more
    to give as Christmas presents.  J.G., Virginia

  5. It is hard to put down. I read the whole thing in bed last night.  R.L., Missouri

  6. Am enjoying it immensely and want to give it as a gift.   J.B., Oregon

  7. Bob, that is a spectacular book. Not only is the information important but the entire composition of the book is so inviting and easy to read. The glossy paper is a nice touch! It should serve folks who are getting into conifers as a must-have book as well as a "checklist" type, similar to the one the "birders use".  J.T. Pennsylvania

  8. Robert's book is amazing- what a contribution he has made in the conifer world, particularly in terms of historical anecdotes known only to a few.  N.L., Kansas


For ordering information, select this hyperlink:  Ordering


Click on the picture below for more information about the book itself and why Bob self-published it.





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Coenosium Gardens has a companion website. Our web site at has articles with lots of higher resolution pictures. It also has our latest catalog with every plant pictured and availability with the description and price for each plant.

Come pay us a visit. You will enjoy yourself if you enjoy conifers.

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Table of Contents  Pages are Periodically Updated 


1.Gordon and the Haida

2. European Beech Cultivars

As you can see here, Bob had himself cloned to handle all of the various projects presently underway. 


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